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My pen name is attributed to my ongoing fascination with weather phenomena–one I have had since childhood–and how I compose literature centered around a wide variety of subjects swirling around in my mind and also how I do so utilizing a wide variety of literary art forms. During my youth, I struggled with social anxiety, which meant I spent a great deal of time reclused alone in my room. While in my self-imposed seclusion, to pass the time and to experience the world I was afraid to go out into, I began reading a plethora of books (I wore that library card down to the nub) centered around random topics, with the weather being one of them. I continued doing this well into adulthood. While in grade school and in the early years I attended college, I discovered my passion and natural talent for composing literature. I’d been a huge fan of Hip Hop up to that point in my life, and I even tried to be a Rap artist once upon a time So, my fascination with the architecture of vocabulary and its endless possibilities to convey messages was and still is ingrained in my very DNA. When you combine all these elements of myself, I was able to build a broad knowledge base around a number of different subjects and I became very skilled in the art of conveying information through the power of English composition. So, I figured since I had all this information and beautiful literary art to share, why not try to make living off of it instead of just working a 9-to-5 my entire life. So, I went on to publish my first book ( in 2015, which dealt with my experiences of living through Hurricane Katrina (, and my second book in 2016, which was symbolic to me finding out what my passion was and me using to escape the 9-to-5 conundrum. To share my literary art and the life-enriching information I’ve collected over the years for free–while still challenging my followers to contribute any dollar amount they’re able to so I can continue to effectively do so, I created The Eye Wall. The goal of The Eye Wall (named was inspired by my experiences with Hurricane Katrina) is to showcase my literary art and to use various forms of media to share any information I feel is life-enhancing to the masses. This information will be centered around the exploration of the craft of literature itself (OF COURSE! 😜 ) romantic relationships, politics, health and wellness, racism, significant current world events, science, history, and the world around us we often miss. Also, being that I see the wonderful position to teach that reading and writing has elevated me to (all that being a hermit in my room paid off in the end in a weird way), it is my desire and dedication to formulate and to implement community initiatives ( aimed at improving reading and writing literacy in the community. One of the ways I intend to do that is by informing the masses of the vital importance of adequate reading and writing literacy (

ED & PE Don’t Make You Less of a Man (L.L.T. 13)

Dear Emolit Family,

Sorry for the hiatus. I’ve been working on three books so time to do the podcast has been limited.

I’m back in full effect though. I hope this day bids you well. Men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation often do so in silence when they don’t have to. If you’re are a man dealing with these health issues, it doesn’t make you any less of a man, and it is treatable in most cases. So, all hope is not lost. Millions of men deal with this health issues so you are not alone, whoever you are out there.

Part of what contributes to these issues is the anxiety that comes with keeping them hidden and not openly talking about it. In this “Levels of Love Tip” episode, I wanted to encourage men to start having honest conversations about these issues, and I wanted to give the fellas some tips on how they can overcome ED and PE. I would love to hear everyone’s feedback. If you would like to learn more about ED and PE, please feel free to visit the links below.


Published Works: ( Most of the literary work I share is given completely free of charge, and it what I truly love doing for a living.  So, I rely heavily on the help of my readers to fund the continuation of all of the necessary operations needed to effectively perform my craft and to disseminate information to the masses.

If you like what I’m doing and would like to see it grow and if you would like to assist me in my community initiatives in helping me promote a culture of healthy, long-term, committed relationships of all kinds in our societies, please feel free to contribute any dollar amount to my PayPal ( at  Also, please help support my artistry with a monthly contribution of $2 or $5, by subscribing here (  

That way, for the average price of a premium cup of coffee, your contribution can be automatically sent each month, without you having to fill out any additional information. Thank you for your support, dear readers.  I cannot do what I do without it. 🙂