Why I Created “The Levels of Love”

Why Did I Create The Levels of Love?

I'm just a
writer/servant of the pen and of The People seeking to use my literary talents and capabilities for the purpose of properly illustrating and articulating the many aspects and mysteries of interpersonal relationships. I'm no relationship expert. I simply provide insight on how to navigate relationships based on both the many mistakes and successes I've made in my own personal life, in that regard.   

Divorce rates are higher than ever. The single-parent epidemic is running rampant in society. Men are more lacking in self-confidence and desperate for sex than ever (​ex: the​ OnlyFans market). STD rates are at an all-time high​ (from the CDC)​.​ Clearly, the​ natural communion & symbiosis between men and women has been fractured. I created The Levels of Love to examine why that's occurred and to discuss all the components necessary for successful and healthy male/female interactions–from the position of us understanding how and why we both see the world differently.

From the Soul,