What Has Valentine’s Day Done to Relationships?


Most of you who’ve known me long enough know I’m not a big proponent of holidays.  Holidays, to me, just represent periods of time where we simply “go through the motions” of what we’re expected to do socially, as opposed to performing genuine acts of good human nature on a daily basis. 

Valentine’s Day is no exception to me.  What GOOD has ever come from something like V-Day?  I can name all the superficiality, depression, and destroyed relationships that have come out of it. 

Just think, how many people have committed suicide because either their spouse left them or because they’ve been single for so long, and they have to see constant reminders that they’re alone, via advertisements, Valentine’s Day events, and couples posting on social about how they’re celebrating their love that day? 

Some people already feel bad enough they’re alone 364 days of the year, in some cases due to circumstances outside their control, and now there’s been a day erected that artificially manufactures a situation where they feel even worse for that day than they normally do.

Think about how much money is wasted on overpriced trinkets and grand gestures that do nothing to promote the strengthening the integrity of the relationship nor do they do anything to tighten and reinforce the spiritual bond between a man and woman. 

Furthermore, a woman can look at what you got her, and then compare to what another man got another woman, all for some stupid day we don’t even know why we celebrate, and, if she perceives it as something more valuable, she’ll look at the man like he loves her less. 

Think of how many relationships have ended over secretly jealous, irrational, and nonsensical behavior such as that–all because there’s a day that says “if you don’t buy your woman these objects Corporate America has put on display for you, then, another man will get it for his woman, and your woman will be jealous if you don’t.”

I can’t tell anyone not to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  It a free country, and do what you want to.  And, I’m not trying to shame anyone who does.  I’m just trying to get people to think more critically about some of the things we just go along with because we’ve always been doing them.  

And, in terms of Valentine’s Day–a day where most people don’t even question its origins or what it originally meant, I just want you to ask yourself this: What has Valentine’s Day ever done to empower the relationship between you and your partner, and can you say you’re comfortable celebrating something that evokes feelings of shame, loneliness, and low self-worth in others?

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