Why I Created “The Levels of Love”

Welcome to my relationship guidance website, ” The Levels of Love!”  My name is The Stormy Poet.  I am the author of two published anthologies, “Product of the Storm” and “A Pale Face for a Collar: Testimonials of an Office Rat,” and of my literary and social commentary site, www.TheStormyPoet.com, for 3-and-a-half years.  I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

I created this website to address what I feel is the biggest threat to the success and integrity of romantic relationships between men and women, here in American society.  It is my sincerest belief that majority​of the issues and challenges men and women experience that are in opposition to them both obtaining successful and healthy  relationships stem from the practice of generational indoctrinated prejudices and biases directed towards black people and the degrading and disrespectful way women are treated and viewed in this country.
I must say, off the bat, I am NOT a licensed counselor of any kind, nor do I play one on TV.  I am not a Psychiatry major, either.   I’m simply an individual who wants to share the knowledge and insight I’ve obtained from my own relationship experiences and from what I’ve learned from experts in the fields of relationship guidance and counseling and in racial equality.  In doing so, I hope that I can give women and men the right kind information that will  help them understand the damage that the culture of misogyny has done to the sanctity of romantic relationships between men and women.  Also, I seek to provide the masses with insight that will help them to take a closer look at the motives behind their relationships choices and to make certain that those motives aren’t based on any prejudices or biases. 
Let me also clarify, this IS NOT a website that promotes white feminist doctrine.  I promote womanism, not any belief system that encourages black women–or any other women, to demonize black masculinity.  The reason I must clarify this before you read anything on this page is because I need you to know, African Americans  (the descendants of slaves) are at the end of every metric determining the quality of life here in America.  And, that’s not me making a state out of feelings or assumptions from a mindset of victimization; I’m speaking about the data that spells out the grim reality of living as an African American in the U.S.A. 
Taking that into account, black men, as a collective, have never had the kind of social strong-hold, to have the ability of implementing legislation that stops women (white nor black) from voting, that stops women from going to college, to own and to be in charge of the media conglomerates that constantly push the propaganda of women’s degradation (even though black men have been used as tools to push those messages), to use push the narratives–via every for of mainstream entertainment–that white men nor women are inferior, subhuman, criminal, uncivilized, nor animalistic or that “whiteness” isn’t the gold standard of what is desirable, innovative, pristine, compassionate, and the pinnacle of physical attraction–the whiter the better.
If anything, there is a great deal of evidence that there’s an intentional effort being made to villify the masculinity of black males, in order to subdue the black male’s resistance towards oppressive systems by destroying the black family unit and by turning black and white women against the black male. 
Through this site, I will produce content that DOES NOT pit black men and women against each other, like white feminism seeks to do, and I will speak about topics centered around womanism, which will honestly take into account that black women and men have a common enemy, hite supremacy, and that feminist movement, itself, does have a tainted racist past –a track record of not supporting the intersectionality of advocating for the issues that are specific to African American women (descendants of slaves). 
I will challenge black men to unlearn culturalistic conditioning that we all–as black men–have experienced and internalized, in regards to anti-blackness–the cause of great self-contempt and the tendency to hold white or lighter skin women in higher regard over women of African descent–and I seek to empower black women and black men–and all men and women as a whole, for that matter.  And, I will do so by presenting the wisdom, insight, and factually based data as the counter information they need to prevent misogynistic messages from impeding all women and men from recognizing and honoring the divinely unique capabilities both women and men possess, from complimenting each other’s being with their respective uniqueness, from romantically connecting on the deepest level possible, and from having a profoundly deep understanding and affinity for one another.
Not only will this website discuss romantic relationships, but, also, the dynamics of all the loves in our lives–friendships, kinship, business relationships, and the love we’re supposed to have for our fellow global brothers and sisters.  There are, indeed, different levels of love.
What is the level of love you want to experience in your life?​​