Month: August 2018

The First Date: Staying in VS. Going Out (L.L.T. 12)

❤️Dear Levels of Love Family,

❤️If someone asks you out on a date, is it okay for them to ask you to their place when meeting for the first time?

❤️If not, other than it being a social norm used for determining if this person is trustworthy or not, why would that be considered inappropriate?

❤️Better yet, what is the basis for concluding that meeting in public means that a person is harmless or safe?

❤️Better yet, could there be other more accurate ways to tell what a man or a woman’s true intentions are?

❤️This podcast was inspired by a friend of mine who was approached in this manner which she thought was inappropriate, and I wanted to share some additional context on the topic with her and to others who shared her sentiment.

❤️I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts in the comment section. Let’s further discuss. Feel free to contact me for any relationship advice: ( | (817) 952-9241)

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