4 Ways Women Can Deter Unwanted Attention

Hello Levels of Love Family,

I hope this day bids you well.

I wanted to do this podcast, because I know that most women have had to endure disrespect and, in some cases, physical harm for turning down a man who was trying to get their number or flirt with them. The fact that these types of interactions are a frequent occurrence with women is NOT normal or natural; it’s perverted and sick.

It is a tragedy and a failure on the part of men that so many women have to experience harassment and physical harm simply for expressing that they’re not interested in a man.

Being that we live under a culture of misogyny here in America, I wanted to give women some tips on how to effectively and safely deal with men who are giving you, if you’re a lady, unwanted attention. It’s sad I have to give advice about this, but, unfortunately, women need to know this type of information in order to protect themselves while living in this society.

Ladies, feel free to provide any commentary or any additional information I may not have included, below in the comment section. I hope this presentation sparks a dialogue amongst the women out there, to facilitate the exchange information that will keep you all safe.

I hope you can take away some beneficial insight from this edition of The Levels of Tips.


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