Month: February 2018

♥Be Your Valentine♥

Dear T.S.P. Reader,
Not even being the slightest bit sarcastic right now, but
HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to everyone who is single out there.
Regardless of the concept of love Corporate America has pretty much trained us to believe that it is, your relationship of self-love–a genuine and healthy love, not arrogance or selfishness–is just as important as being in a romantic relationship someone else.
And, to add to that, you, by yourself, ARE COMPLETE. You don’t need a man or a woman to complete you or to make you whole.
As matter of fact, you cannot have a healthy and successful romantic relationship with anyone else until you learn to love and accept yourself wholly. You should only want a partner for the purpose of them contributing to the self-love and happiness you already have for yourself and vice versa. Never lose sight of that.
With Love,

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