Month: December 2017

Crotch Pics: Why So Many Guys Are Sending Them

Dear Emolit Family,

A friend of mine told me about an unpleasant interaction she had with a fellow online. She said she was having a conversation with a local artist about poetry and that the conversation was flowing very smoothly.

That is, of course, until the person she was speaking to randomly sent her a photo of his penis.

Luckily, she’s blocked him, and he hasn’t bothered her since. But, she told me that he wasn’t the first guy to pull something like with her online. She said it had happened several times with different men over the past few years.

Mimi isn’t the first female friend I’ve had that has told me stories about men sending them unsolicited pictures of their junk online. My friend asked me why so many guys are doing that nowadays.

I figured that there are a great deal of women out there out there wondering the same thing, so I decided to give a presentation explaining why so many guys so boldly engage in this disrespectful and disgusting behavior.

I hope the ladies are able to take away some insight from today’s Levels of Love Tip, in order know how to address this behavior and to know what we all can do to influence the overall culture that is conducive to why this behavior has become so prevalent.

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