Month: December 2017

Fake Dating Experts & Advice: How To Spot Them

Dear Emolit Family,

When it comes to relationship advice, I’m seeing a lot of people spreading a ton of destructive and unhealthy information. Not only is a lot of this information bias and incredibly corny, but it’s also dangerous and detrimental to the chances of men and women finding successful relationships.

For click bait purposes or to try to get laid by a bunch of women, there’s a great deal of individuals, whom people are dependant on to give them the healthy advice they can use to better their relationship situations, are giving people advice that their audience wants to hear, to suit their own personal biases and grudges, instead of what’s best for them and without their audience’s best interest in mind.

In this “Levels of Love Tips” episode, I wanted to share some advice to help you discern who and who you shouldn’t be getting your relationship advice from.

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