Humility IS the pinnacle of manliness–one the quintessential components combined with others to compose a divinely masculine uniqueness,
not a deep voice,
not big hands,
not a tailor-made suit,
not a sleeve of sick ink,
not a pearly smile,
not a slick ride,
not a clean fade nor close shave,
not a hammer on the waist,
not slamming mutilating fist into another blacks man’s face,
not a comfy chest,
not a pair of ripped arms,
not being “well-endowed,”
not a fat crib,
not commas in the account
nor being a hustler or a go-getta.

Willingness to defend and represent the less fortunate,
willingness to enlighten those who wish to remain unconscious and to bear their retaliative blows to your reputation,
taking the initiative to lead others even though it’s “not a good time” in your life and inconvenient,
possessing the eagerness to see others succeed just as much as you desire yourself to,
engaging in the act of creating more SHEPARDS instead of more SHEEP,
choosing to accept the loss and to extract the lesson over perceiving it as an attack on your manhood,
accepting that asking for help from others is a strength and not flaw,
choosing never to boast and brag when others seek your help,
uplifting and empowering the damaged and the weak,
having the patience to LISTEN instead of just trying to be right,
and sacrificing the ego in looking foolish to others, like when Noah building the arc in the desert, when a seemingly illogical leap of faith is necessary for the greater good–such are the qualities…of
hum·ble – /həmbəl/.”

True manliness CANNOT…and DOES NOT exist without HUMILITY.

HUMILITYIt is the badge, which signifies a man’s man, and, as is the case with its correlation to manhood, is the pinnacle of sexiness.


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