Month: May 2017

Humor: How It’s a Tale Sign of True Love

Dear Emolit Family,

Of course, in a committed relationship, there's a time to be serious and to take care of business.  But, human beings are playful creatures.  We weren't created to be hardcore serious and super down-to-business all the time.  Constantly living in that mind frame is heart-hardening and overall just bad for your health.

Laughter is healing and uplifting.  It can improve a bad day, in a fraction of a second.  Someone who is sincere about taking the responsibility of being a committed relationship should know that about humor and use it to the relationship's advantage.  And, they should use it often, to STRENGTHEN their relationship and uplift their partner, daily.

And, nothing says "humility" like when someone is willing to sacrifice their ego, their image, and their comfort zone to do something totally ridiculous and goofy just to get you to crack a smile. 

So, get creative, and start finding ways to incorporate humor into your love life!  Treat humor as something that is vitally necessary to building a deep connection with your partner. Continue reading